Fees & financing

We aim to provide excellent value for money and our fees reflect the time involved to assess, plan, discuss and carry your treatment out using excellent dental materials and equipment, as well as our commitment to offering you the highest quality dental treatments at affordable prices. Following your initial consultation appointment, you are provided with a personalised written treatment plan containing clearly presented fees and payment terms.

We are pleased to offer our patients several payment methods, including our two dental plan options administered by Denplan: Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials.

All members of S Dental team are happy to discuss all options to help you find the most suitable payment method.

General Costs

Emergency dental appointment£40 + cost of Treatment
New patient appointment (including 2 small X-rays)£50
Routine dental health check£42.50
X-rays£12 / image
Night-guard bi-laminate£165
Anti-snoring device£495

Dental Hygiene

Hygienist 30 minutes visit£65
Direct access hygienist£80
Cosmetic air-polishing£65
Desensitising air-polishing (aqua-care)£80
Tooth whitening : Home Whitening Trays + Whitening Gels£350

Tooth Repair

Preventitive Resin£70
Composite filling£105
Composite filling (2 surfaces)£140
Composite filling (3 surfaces)£190
Inlay / Onlay£395 – £595
Dental crown £625
Dental crown re-cement£60
Dental Extraction
Surgical / Wisdom Tooth£300

Tooth Replacement

Dental implant£1800
Dental bridge£595/unit
Dental bridge re-cement£60
Denture Acrylic Partial£650
Crom-Cobalt Denture£950
Flexible denture£850
Root canal treatment incisor £395
Root canal treatment premolar £495
Root canal treatment molar£595

Denplans to suit your needs:

There are various levels to choose from to suit your specific needs. Check these levels out below to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Denplan Essentials – £15 Registration

PlanDescriptionPrice / Month
Silver2 check-ups per year & routine x-rays. Plus a discount on treatment £10.75
Gold2 check-ups per year & routine x-rays. 2 Hygienist appointments per year.Plus a discount on treatment£18.15
Platinum2 check-ups per year & routine x-rays. 4 Hygienist appointments per year. Plus a discount on treatment£25.60

Denplan Essentials Plus – £15 Registration

PlanDescriptionPrice / Month
Gold+2 check-ups per year & routine x-rays. 2 x 30 minute Hygienist appointments per year. Plus a discount on treatment£20.35
Platinum+2 check-ups per year & routine x-rays. 4 x 30 minute Hygienist appointments per year. Plus a discount on treatment£29.85

Denplan Children – £15 Registration

Pearl£7.80 per month
Diamond£12.05 per month

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