Here at S Dental Studio our friendly, caring and experienced team love changing our patients' lives.

We put you at the centre of the decision making process and help you make healthy choices about your mouth and teeth using our in depth knowledge, experience and expertise. We believe prevention is better than cure, so we show you how to avoid developing tooth decay and gum disease by teaching you how to care for your teeth properly. In addition, we always check for oral cancer and offer long-term dentistry solutions, not just short-term fixes that could create problems and cost more in the long run.

Our Dentists

Dr. James Forshaw

Dr. Jarek Matuszak

Dr. Jessica Jefferis

Dr. Margaret Stefanska

Our Hygienists

Mrs. Brenda Thomas

Mrs. Jane Smale

Our Nurses

Miss. Angelika Maciag

Miss. Kasia Slotwinska

Mrs. Lynne Howes

Our Receptionists

Miss. Matylda Stefanska

Mr. Danny O'Brien