Dental Hygiene

Regularly attending hygiene & cleaning visits is an ideal way to keep your teeth clean and stain-free, which in turn helps to keep your breath fresh. During each dental hygiene appointment with our superb dental hygienists you will have your gums checked for signs of inflammation and bleeding (gingivitis) which if left untreated can progress to periodontal disease. We’ll remove any plaque and tartar and advise you on your oral health routine to prevent future build-ups.

For patients who have developed periodontal disease (usually through family genetics, tobacco smoking, diabetes, and use of certain medications) our hygienists are able to work with you to stabilise the progression of the disease, using local anaesthetic if necessary to ensure you are comfortable throughout treatment) and arrange to see you for further treatment appointments as necessary and monitoring, giving you the confidence of being in control of the health of your teeth and gums, rather than uncertain and worried.

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